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A powerful yet gentle form of Healing calling on multi-cultural traditions from the Ancestors and Earth Wisdom, encompassing sound therapy, smudging with Herbs, Crystals, Hands on ReikiHealing, Chakra Balancing, Wisdom from my guides, meditations and councilling skills to guide you to initiate your own healing and finding of your own unique and sacred soul self. This form of healing can help with physical ailments and Whitefeather has been known to pick up on internal problems before they have become physical problems. But perhaps the most profound aspect of this healing technique is the ability to delve deep into the psyche to release long held, deep seated emotional problems that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.
Often we are unaware of the problems holding us back, but combined with councilling, emotional support and Whitefeathers innate wisdom, a series of healings can work to bring these issues to the surface, allowing them to be cleansed away. A session takes around an hour and half to complete.
This service is also available for our animal friends, Whitefeather has a natural gift of communication with our two and four legged friends, offering them the same level of love and devotion she offers to her human clients, animals respond well to shamanic healing, intuitively knowing when someone is trying to help them.

Our homes and working environments can become as unhealthy as our bodies can. Using the same principals for the environment as for a person, i can offer healing and cleansing followed by Feng Shui advice regarding furniture placement, decor, and how to improve area's of your life that are not in a stare of stagnation, chaos or upheaval, thus bringing about a state of balance and harmony to your home, dislodgeing and dispersing accumulated negative energy which can create a heavy and dense atmosphere within the home. A healthy home means a healthy family living in it and this beautiful ceremony will enhance your home or workspace. Whether its one room you want doing or your whole house, or even your work space or office, Whitefeather can help return a state of balance and harmony , even productivity and prosperity, to your home or workspace and your life. single room, this includes a space cleansing ceremony, furniture placement advice, colour recommendations and decor advice. Discounts available for whole house. Too far away ? Send a plan of your house, complete with layout of furniture, and i will return to you a package of placement and advice to bring harmony to your home.

Dream interpretations, for full written interpretations and guidelines. Email me.

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