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This is an 18 month course that covers all aspects of the Pagan and Shamanic way of Life. The journey of Shamanism is the journey to finding ones soul self, finding enlightenment, and finding youre own unique connection to the world all around you, the unseen worlds and world of spirit. It is a powerful journey of self discovery, healing and direction.
With this course we look at sharpening your senses, aligning with Nature and working with Colour and Energy, exploring the wonderful Healing Energies we all have and putting it all together to enhance your life. Includes sessions on animal energies, Sacred space and Feng Shui, making a medicine pouch, shield, wand, rattle and dreamcatcher, divination, sacred sound and much much more.

All our Correspondence Courses are available to start at any time, individual tuition by post or email, and all in the strictest confidence.

SERVICES - We offer a range of services by post or email, or by Appointment if you wish to visit. All readings are intuitive and with help from Whitefeathers guides and the Ascended Masters. As a Grandmother Elder, empowered to work with the feminine through the Council of Grandmothers, Whitefeather works with and for the Spirit realm to bring you a complete and comprehensive package of services to suit every need and to help guide humanity on their sacred path to enlightenment.
Dream interpretation is also available. 15 years experience.
Medicine Readings..using Native American Tarot Cards Helping you understand your life, working with her own intuition, her guides and the Ascended Masters to bring you a confidential and enlightening reading for self empowerment .

Shamanic Reiki Healing Ceremony...using Sacred Sound, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Herbs and Hands On.. A powerful and life changing healing service that reaches deep inside to unlock the true essence of yourself, through all the etheric, emotional, and bodily levels of your being. Also available for pets, as Whitefeather can communicate with animals. Reiki Attunements to Master level available. email me for details.

Herbalism and Nutrition...Diet and Lifestyle advice and guidance for optimum Health. Individual dietary plan including recipes, suppliments and healing advice Also taining and correspondence courses.

Regression...Using Deep Meditation to access past lives Working to heal the past and free the future from constraints and blockages your may be carrying. This non hypnosis therapy allows you to remain in control whilst reaching deep into the recesses of your psyche, thus offering powerful transformation.

Sacred Space Cleansing and Feng Shui advice for your home, office, sacred space or other place of being. Sacred ceremony using the same principals as for humans or animals, as well as furniture placemnet, decor and advice to bring balance, harmony, prosperity and peace to your life.

Earthwalk Charts - a compehensive package of 6 natal charts, Astrology, Mayan, Native American, Chinese, Celtic & Numerology. Helping you to understand yourself and how to overcome your challenges for this lifetime.

Whitefeather is also available for talks, demonstrations and workshops on a wide variety of Shamanic, Wiccan, Pagan and Healing subjects, ideal for Womens groups, Healing or Spiritual Groups, local societies, charities, health organisations etc., just contact me with your requirements and I'll do my best to help. (subject to distance and mileage costs) Also available for Paranormal investigations with our dedicated team of psychic's and sensitives. If you would like your home or place of work investigated, call or email me to arrange a visit. This is a free service.

Phoenix Rising - Becoming the Alchemist. 7 Powerful sessions in a correspondence course to help you become the Alchemist in your own life. Working with and integrating the 5 sacred elements through powerful exercises to become the Master Alchemist - rising like the Phoenix.

If you would like Absent healing sent to you or a friend, or even one of your pets, please contact me through email and you will be added to my list. Healing is sent out twice daily, morning and evening this is sent with Love as i wish to help make this world a better place for all to live in, this begins with healing humanity. If you would like to recieve regular newsletters and channelling updates, contact me and you will be added to my extensive mailing list.

Walk in peace and Beauty
Brightest of Blessings to you all. xxx Unci Niyaha Ska - Grandmother Whitefeather xxx

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