An overview of the rarest hair colors

Even in the womb, at the 5th month of development, hair follicles are formed, and the color is already laid. Conventionally, people can be divided into brunettes, brown-haired and fair-haired. The first two types of natural hair are considered the most common. However, there are 2 shades that only 2% of the total population have. For further details, go here: rarest hair color


Only 1% of people boast sunny hair. Of the total mass, 13% of redheads are scattered by the Scots. A characteristic feature of the owners is that there are only 86,000 hairs on the head. This is such a rare shade that it has been overgrown with myths over the years. The ancient Greeks believed that red-haired people turn into vampires after death.

In ancient times, it was believed that this shade of hairline served as a reward for cooperation with evil forces. During the Inquisition, many hosts were destroyed in brutal ways. Hitler was once convinced that red hair was the result of a dangerous mutation, and he legally prohibited owners from marrying and having children.

About 400 thousand years ago, the red gene appeared as a result of a mutation and became recessive, which explains the rarity today. It is practically not inherited. Another feature of the gene is that it often passes to the child in a pair with another. Observations have shown that red-haired people are predominantly left-handed. Scientists have conducted research and found that after 1 century, the natural redhead will disappear altogether.

Character traits

Psychologists claim that hair color affects human behavior and characteristics.

· Red-haired, hot-tempered, aggressive people can be cruel. Mostly choleric. It has been scientifically proven that in people with red hair, the stress-suppressing hormone is released in less quantity than in others.

· Self-confident individuals are characterized by assertiveness and multiple ambitions . A large amount of energy makes it possible to conduct several types of activities in parallel. Red-haired people think atypically and have a unique perception of the world.

· In matters of love, redheads are passionate and hot. They are considered good sexual partners. Women often attract the attention of men, and lose interest in them immediately after achieving the goal.

· The owners of the red gene react sharply to external stimuli. Actions can be insane. Characterized by sharp mood swings and changes of plans, views of the diametrically opposite.

· Excellent manipulators , they have a subtle sense of other people.

Natural blond

The second rarest hair color is white. Only 2% of the world's population can boast of this feature, and most of them are in the Scandinavian countries. It is interesting that light curls are the most expensive in the world. Together with the color, they are extremely dense - about 146,000 hairs. In ancient Rome, the color was considered so attractive that women dyed their hair with pigeon droppings.

Character traits

Girls with white hair often have fleeting romances because men take them lightly. Psychologists claim that blond people have a number of characteristics.

· The character is soft and flexible. People easily make contact.

· Friendliness and openness.

· Cheerfulness and positive attitude towards life.

· Complete absence of vindictiveness, anger and turn-on.

· The sensitive nervous system makes people especially unarmed and in the face of stressful situations.

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